Our Journey  

Over the past several years, friends and colleagues would ask us to create unique and clever woodworking items for school fundraising programs, weddings, corporate gifts and awards which eventually evolved from a hobby into a growing business. Our goal has always been to create a high quality, non-mass-produced item that would touch someone’s heart.   We take the time to discuss our client’s needs and then develop a product to meet and exceed their expectations. We specialize in creating unique personalized Aggie gifts for all generations.

 Our Process  

Many of the items that we create start off as a general concept from our clients and evolve into a finished product utilizing both hand-made techniques as well as high tech methods. Laser engraving, and full color image and text printing direct to glass, wood, tile and plastic give us the ability to take your next project to a new level. In additional, our in-house wood shop allows for quick design and fabrication without the delay in outsourcing a project.